Best Successful Betting Strategies For Mobile Slots

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When you play mobile slots it is always good to know how to bet effectively. Adopting the right strategies can take you far. Knowing how to place a smart bet is half the battle.

Play The Right Mobile Slots Games

Experienced mobile slot players know which games pay out and which games don’t. This is the first step to success. There is a reason some mobile slots are more popular than others. Players learn which games pay the most and stick to them.

Work Up To Max Bet

Players that have a limited amount of money to gamble with, often start by placing low bets on every pay line. Mobile slots are designed to pay out in small, frequent chunks when low bets are placed. They also pay out more frequently when smaller bets are placed. Immediately beginning with max bet will quickly and drastically drain a player’s budget. Slowly increasing bet size over time is the best way to make a game last longer and ultimately lead to more winnings.

Take Advantage Of Mobile Casino Bonuses

Strategy for mobile slotsWhen a player signs up with a mobile casino they almost always get free bonus money to gamble with. If they find a mobile casino that doubles the first deposit they will be well on their way to devising the best betting strategy possible. Taking full advantage of a mobile casino bonus, means placing bets that will quickly use up the free money. Most of these casinos take the amount of bonus money they give a player and remove them from a player’s account before they are able to cash out any winnings. By essentially making the casino go bankrupt a player is setting themselves up to use the casino bonus gambling method.

Keep An Eye On The Prize

While starting at max bet isn’t always the best strategy, it can be for any game that has a jackpot. In the majority of mobile slots, a jackpot isn’t likely to be triggered by placing low bets. This is especially true in the case of a progressive jackpot because they grow every time real money is bet on a game that has one.

Use The Progressive Strategy When Experienced

A strategy that has been proven to work on mobile slots is the progressive strategy. Though it is not recommended for anyone who is new to these games those who have experience often find the progressive strategy to be effective. It involves committing to placing the maximum bet allowed with each spin. This is most successful for those who have a large bankroll to play with.

Up The Step Strategy

For new players with a modest bankroll one of the most successful is the Up The Step Strategy. This is when players begin a game with the lowest possible bet and only increase the amount when they have won a spin.


Using these betting strategies can help anyone who plays mobile slots, as long as they choose the best one for them.

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